Gratitude.Where to start when youdon't know where to start

5 Easy Ways To Find Gratitude in Every Day When You Don’t Know Where To Start.

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  Gratitude is something that we should express more often than we think. Being thankful for and acknowledging the little things in life help us feel good, be mentally healthier, more positive and present at the moment.

Gratitude is the realization and appreciation of things, people, situations and everything surrounding us, that we sometimes forget about.

Here are 5 things you can start reminding yourself every day to help you shift your perception, be more present and happier:

Gratitude.Where to start when you don't know where to start.
  1. You Have a Home.

If you have a place to go at the end of the day.If you have a bed and a shower.Could be a small rented apartment, a house that you own or a huge mansion. Think about how much you enjoy everything in your house. Think about how good is the feeling of stepping your foot/unlocking your door and getting in, because you had a long day when you couldn’t wait just to get home to your safe space. A soft bed to lay on when you are tired and to be able to take a shower after a long day.

Look around your house and see every little thing that makes it yours, find your style in it everything you put an effort into – decorating, organizing and making it what it is. Your castle.Thank it for being your safe space.

   2. You Are Healthy.

We don’t appreciate health until we lose it. We don’t realize how good is to have your body fully functioning until a part of it is not. I didn’t realize how nice is to be able to breathe and how often we do it on a daily bases until I bruised my rib. And then for 3-4 weeks, I was wishing to be able to take a deep breath with no pain. It’s funny how the best ideas of things you could do are coming to your mind exactly when you are not able to do it. Every time.

So take a moment to look at your body and enjoy it, thank it for serving you so well. Thank it for being what it is and love it for that, take care of and it will take care of you.

5 Easy Ways to Find Gratitude In Every Day

   3. You Have Been Places.

Maybe you have traveled the world or maybe have never left the town. All the places that you have visited, all the things you have seen. Go back to the moment you saw your favorite place for the first time. Remember the time when you realized that exactly this is your favorite place, the “Wow!” moment and the split second that after you knew that it’s your number one of all.

Be grateful for all the places you have seen, all the places you fell in love with and all the ones that you will see in the future.

   4. You Have A Family.

It doesn’t matter if that is your biological family, your SO or your tribe.Those are the people you cannot imagine your world without. If you have somebody who loves you unconditionally and don’t judge you (or judges you a little bit, but still support you at any moment)this one is for them. They might not be perfect either, but love them for who they are, for the support they offer and give you when you need it.

Therefore show them your gratitude for everything that they make you be.For everything that they don’t let you be. Tell them you love them. Thank them for being there for you and most importantly for being who they are.

   5. You Have Knowledge.

You have Ph.D. or Masters, or you don’t have any education? Everyone has something that has great knowledge of. Something that you have mastered in knowledge or skills.Your thing that not everyone can do.

Be grateful for it whatever it is. Acknowledge it, enjoy it, work on it, improve it, give yourself a little pride for it. Thank yourself for mastering it.

5 Things To Remind Yourself Every Day That Help You Shift Your Perception.


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