Busy People’s Ultimate Guide To Stay Healthy

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Living in a big city like Chicago is beautiful and interesting but time-consuming. Some days you are on the go from the early morning to late at night. Staying healthy in those moments is not easy but it’s for sure possible. Here are some helpful tips I am using to stay healthy when the days are full of chores, errands, and work.

glass of water

Staying hydrated will help you go through the moments that you feel starving. It will speed up your metabolism, give you energy and help your body and mind function during the day. Water will improve your mood and help you flush toxins at the same time. Bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go. Easy access to it will remind you to use it more.

Extra Tip: Make some delicious detox water to make this task easier and more fun.
(Stay tuned for some delicious detox water recipes.)

Meal Prep(Busy People's Guide To Stay Healthy

Meal prep is very important for staying healthy. Prepare some ingredients when you have free time. That way cooking when you get home starving and tired is easier. Boiled eggs, roasted veggies, grilled protein, overnight oats are easy to make and preserve for a couple of days. You can also prepare some meals and freeze them for the moments you don’t have time to cook.

Stock your fridge with almost ready or easy to make healthy ingredients. Veggies (cut them and put in ziplock when you prep) for almost ready salads. That way you have delicious healthy meals waiting for you at home. You won’t be tempted to order pizza or get something quick on your way home.

Snacks on table,crackers,cheese,walnuts
Healthy snacks

Keep an energy bar, little bag of nuts or trail mix in your bag at all times. They won’t go bad if you don’t have time to eat it or forget about it in your bag. Having something little and healthy will keep you energized during the day. When you are on the go and don’t have time for a sit-down meal it will prevent you from getting fast food.

Have a pill box

Are you taking some supplements for your health like vitamins, minerals and herb tablets every day? A pillbox will help you not forget them when you are busy and you are out of the house for most of the day. I usually take mine in the morning but sometimes when you have to leave early it’s easy to forget. So same as meal prepping put your weekly vitamins in your box and in your bag. That way you can see them in your bag when getting other stuff out and remember to take it. (It will be even easier when you have your water bottle there too, see #1)

Person meditating in the park

A lot of people think that meditation is time-consuming. That it needs to be in a quiet place sitting,not moving and concentrating on not thinking about anything. And of course this true. But not 100% of the time.

In busy days, weeks, months, sometimes we have no time to quiet our minds. This is, in fact, the times we need it the most. To prevent burnout it’s very important to find a little time to unwind in every day. Here are some ideas you can use and do for 3-4 minutes a day. Stay tuned for a post dedicated especially on those methods. Healthy mind, healthy body as they say.

Shower Meditation – When taking a shower, try to visualize all the negative energy from the day going away as the water is running over your body. All the stress you want to release is going through the drain and you are ready for the new day.
Singing – Find a song that you know all lyrics of and love. Play it in the car on your way to work and sing it out loud while concentrating on every word of it. Acknowledge every word of it and pronounce it with a full heart. You can add some dance moves if it’s possible. It works fine if you are commuting via public transportation. Play the song on your headphones, still be mindful of the lyrics and pronounce every single word in your head. Omit it doesn’t matter if you are singing in your head or out loud as long as your heart is singing.

More of those easy techniques here.


Plan your meals for the next day or for the whole week. Plan your outfit and pack your bag from the night before. That way you will have an extra few minutes in the morning for singing(see #5) or for a little quiet time. Plan your day so you can have a peace of mind and be healthier and organized.

Being active on the beach

Being busy sometimes doesn’t leave us an extra hour to go to the gym or enough motivation and energy for it. Having a step counter app would help you count your steps. See how active you were during the day while doing other stuff. Try to fit little activities in your day. It could be 30 min walk between places you need to be, bike to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, dance your “B” off for a song or two while getting ready for work. Find the thing you enjoy and fits your agenda.

Relaxing in bed

Without proper rest, you cannot be healthy. Not resting after a busy day makes the body build up the stress. That’s why sometimes we fell burned out, have chronic pain, feel mentally and physically unhealthy. Treat yourself to a good night rest,8 hours of sleep. Of course, listen to your body, some people need 7 hours or 6 hours of sleep only. Go to bed early and wake up early if your schedule allows it. Or find what’s best for you but definitely recharge your batteries.

How to Stay Healthy On The Go




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