7 Ways to add meditation yo your busy life

7 Ways To Add Meditation To Your Busy Life

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7 Ways To Add Meditation To Your Busy Life

In the busy world, we all(human beings in our nature) are trying to be better and happier. We are trying to be different, to suffer less, to be less anxious or less stressed…And the more we try, the more we force it the more unhappy, stressed and anxious we feel. Mindfulness is the ability to give up any attempt to change our experience at all. It’s not about the right or wrong way to do it. All of it is right as long as you try. Some days your mind is going to be restless, some days – clear as a raindrop and able to concentrate fully. The most important is to accept both, being present at the moment and letting it be as it is.

Mindfulness and meditation are the ability of being present at the moment and going back to it whenever your mind starts wandering. Over and over again, bringing it back without judgment.

Here are some easy ways you can use to meditate on the go, when you are busy and don’t have time to sit and unwind. Finding your favorite way of practicing and applying it 2-3 times a week(or as much as you can, no practice is too little). It can prevent burning out and anxiety. It can help you be happier, healthier and more successful in dealing with everyday troubles. You will see more clearly and focus on the important things in your everyday life. Those small practices will help you detach from the digital activity at least for a moment, increasing the sense of well-being, productivity, empathy and lowers stress levels.

It’s good if you have 20 min a day. It’s wonderful if you have 40 min a day to spare on those. But you can practice even for 5 or 10 min during your break, work commute while getting ready for work, or when you get home. Meditation practice is about just being present for whatever is going on in our experience, whether we’re on a cushion or commuting to work.

7 Meditation Practices for Beginners

1. Mindful Eating.

To try this form of meditation make a healthy food choice, use small utensils or small plate. Eat only when you are hungry. Try to chew each bite as many times as you can as you pay attention to the feelings it brings you. Pay attention to all the flavors you feel on your pallet. Don’t look at your phone, your TV or computer. Just find a quiet place where you can sit and focus on eating and enjoying every bite of your food. Feel the taste of the food.You will find so many things you have never noticed before.

2. Walking Meditation.

Start walking slowly. Pay attention to each step you take. How exactly it feels, how it balances your whole body, which part of your feet touches the ground first and how your body weight transfer from leg to leg. Focus on your breath. Focus on the thoughts and feelings, you have about this moment. If you find your mind wandering and going somewhere else, feel free to let go of those thoughts and focus back on your steps and breathing.

3. Singing.

Find a song that you know all lyrics of and love. Play it while getting ready for work or while making your coffee and sing it out loud concentrating on every word of it. Acknowledge every word of it and pronounce it with a full heart. You can add some dance moves if it’s possible. Listen to your body and let it moves naturally. The most important is to be present at the moment. It works perfectly fine if you are commuting via public transportation and are not proud of your singing skills. Play the song on your headphones, but still be mindful of the lyrics and pronounce every single word in your head. Overall,it doesn’t matter if you are singing in your head or out loud as long as your heart is singing.

4. Shower Meditation.

When taking a shower try to visualize all the negative energy from the day or from the previous day(depending if you are evening or morning showerer) going away as the water is running over your body. All the stress you want to release is going through the drain and you are ready for the new day. Think about how the water is recharging you with fresh energy of positivity, strength and whatever you need to be recharged with.

5. Body Scan.

Close your eyes for few minutes. It could be the moment you are in the bus to work(definitely not while driving 🙂) Start from the very top of your head and hair and start scanning your whole body little by little imagining every part of it(like looked from the above). Imagine yourself in the way you are sitting at the moment.Scan each part of your body-hair.head,face with all features neck,chest,arms,fingers,legs,toes.

6. Focus on your breathing.

  • Breath count. Focus on counting your breath for few minutes and start from the beginning if you lose count.
  • Infinity breath. Close your eyes. Take few deep breaths and visualize it making an infinity sign through your body. Starting from inhaling, trough your spine and then belly goes to the bottom of your stomach and lower back, chest, and exhaling.
  • Attention to the breath. Simply pay attention to each breath you take focused on the way the belly goes in and out. Imagine it going all the way into your lower back when exhaling and all the way out when inhaling. Let go of all thoughts if you are doing it right.

7. Focus on an object.

Get an object in your hand. It could be anything available around you :a pen, a stone etc.Close your eyes. Feel the object, the weight, don’t focus on the label of it. Focus on the feeling of it on your hand. How does it feel? Is it warm? Is it cold? How heavy is it? If your mind starts wandering away, thinking about the day, the past or anything, go back to the feeling of the object. Look at it. Focus on the shape, color. Recognize it as this moment of attention is fresh. It has never been before even if you have held an object like this it was never the same moment as it is right now. You don’t have to think about it too much,just rest your mind on it, rest your eyes and touch on  it. No need of speculation, just resting and letting the feel flow trough your body.

How to add meditation to your busy life

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