Intermittent Fasting Survival Guide

Intermittent Fasting Survival Guide

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Intermittent Fasting Survival Guide

Intermittent fasting survival guide is what you need to know when you first start. How to make it easier and more effective for yourself. Dieting and fasting are not only about weight loss anymore. It about being your best and healthiest possible self. After trying most of the options out for weight loss and maintaining a healthy life and weight, so far intermittent fasting is my preferred choice of detoxing. I have already shared all the methods and benefits of intermittent fasting here. (My personal favorite is the Warrior Diet)

The best part of intermittent fasting is that you can set your own eating schedule, work with it and plan for it. It’s not as extreme as it sounds if you are well prepared.

Here is my ultimate intermittent fasting survival guide. All those tips will help you with either of the methods for intermittent fasting. Use all of them or combine a few. Whichever works better for you.

Here is everything I do to get me through the fast:

  • Use apps to track progress – there is an app that I just recently found and it’s very helpful for scheduling it called “LIFE fasting”. It lets you track your fasts, your weight, and weekly progress. It also offers a community of other fasters (new word I invented) or track and see friends progress and stay motivated. There are probably other apps too for iOS or Android, check them out and find the one you like the most. The point is to keep track of your fasts and make it easier to visualize and see the progress.
  • Drink plenty of water – staying hydrated is very important for being healthy in general. Drinking a lot of water helps you stop your cravings, be more energized during the fasting period and boosts your metabolism.
  • Drink a lot of tea – it has the same benefits as water and even more. Depending on the tea you choose you can be more energized(black/chai tea), or burn more fat(green/ginger),relax(chamomile) and many more( Will do another post especially on tea and herbs benefits) PRO TIP: Add cinnamon stick or powder to any tea,to help you stop sugar cravings. It tricks your brain because of the sweetness in the aromas. Also aids in fat burn and immune support.
  • Eat healthy¬†– a lot of people think that fasting is starvation, followed by a feast. And it could be. But if you are eating pizzas and junk during your eating window, you won’t see results or health benefits as fast or at all. You can eat whatever you want, but try to avoid sugar and only carb meals that have more than the usual daily calorie intake in one meal. There is no point of fasting if you are doing that.
  • Stay busy – staying busy was very important for me during any intermittent fasting periods. (Again, I love food and think about food most of my time if I don’t distract myself with something. My struggle for many years through my weight loss/being healthy journey and even now sometimes is eating out of boredom)Concentrate on working, working out, find a hobby. That way the fast will go faster and then you can celebrate the eating window.
  • Work out – it doesn’t matter if you prefer to work out after the eating window or before. (My personal choice is before because I work out better on empty. But a lot of people function better on a full stomach, so just figure out what’s best for you and listen to your body.)Working out and staying active will help you get better results faster. Your body will burn more fat and build leaner muscles. Staying active no matter if you are lifting weights, running outside or doing cardio on the treadmill or maybe going to a dance class or a hike. It is an important part of your weight loss/living healthy journey. Plus it increases your energy and it’s fun(if you make it fun and you always should).

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