What Have Changed After & Days Of CBD
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7 Days Of CBD Oil

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Cbd is the new trend of holistic and natural anti-anxiety treatment and I have been researching about it for a while. Here is the time to mention that I don’t suffer from depression or anxiety technically. But as we all know, living now days includes a lot of moments of blues, social stress, some kind of anxiety(for sure there is something that often gives anxiety to everybody). Living in Chicago, not only the weather(you’ve probably heard of the recent Polar Vortex), big city life is going hand in hand with stress and a constant feeling of not having enough time to finish errands, projects, maintaining healthy life and mind.

I love living holistic and natural,so any kind of medication was automatically excluded from my research. I needed something to give me tranquillity of the mind and body,but also not make me sleepy and unproductive. To kill my anxiety and give my mind a break, but also keeps me focused on my projects. To be natural and legal so I can have easy access to it.What Have Changed After & Days Of CBD

And I came to CBD oil. I have heard about it before but wasn’t really sure how exactly it works. All those benefits that everybody was talking about on the internet. Doesn’t it make you high since it’s made from cannabis?!? ..I wasn’t sure if I want to invest time and money in it because I didn’t want to get high and have unclear mind or be unproductive. But still wanted the good stuff and all the benefits. After a long research on the effects and benefits from people who have used it. There were people who swear by it and people who haven’t found any difference, so I’ve decided to give it a try to find out for myself.

I have seen many products like vape pens,tablets,powder,tinctures in different mg amount per bottle and different sizes. Even peanut butter (for dogs) and so on. The market is full of products and it seemed a little overwhelming as far as information in the beginning. I decided to go all the way and got 1000 mg, pure organic Full Spectrum CBD oil. Taking 28mg per day. And absolutely loved it!!!

Here are some of the differences I have noticed since I have started:

1. Started waking up earlier and feeling well rested and ready to go for the new day.

2. More productive and organized mind(without the overwhelming feeling that I have too much going on and don’t know where to start).

3. I felt like I have time for everything. (Not the usual thinking: “You don’t get things done, because You don’t have time or have too much going on!”-Anxiety)

4. Not getting angry for small things or at all. Being able to stop the first instinct of anger in any situation and replace it with understanding.

5. Felt like me again, in harmony with myself and my decisions.

6. More open and communicative. (I am very introverted sometimes).

7. I had more focus and clarity of the mind.

I only have used it for a week and those are the things I have noticed so far.Definitely will continue using it and update the information.Things That Changed After Using CBD For 7 Days

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