7 Important Life lessons

7 Lessons I Have Learned In 30+ Days Of Isolation

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7 Important Life Lessons From Living in Isolation

In the past month, too many things have changed too fast. The world has stopped and many things have been postponed or canceled. People’s daily routine turned in 180 degrees. For all of us, it was shocking and weird and new. Not knowing what’s going on, being forced to isolate, being forced to adjust to the new way of living mentally and physically. Uncertainty, panic, fear, news, deaths, closed borders, shortage of supplies, no jobs, no schools.Fear. Some days would feel like nothing’s going on and everything is normal and some days would feel like the world is about to end. 

We are so used to being busy all the time, working, planing, staying active. Running around like chickens with no heads, not having time for our own selves. Not MAKING time for our own selves. Not being on your own, with your thoughts, feelings, and fears. (Introverts I know you were enjoying and cherishing this moment since day one. I did too and still am! But still, I had a moment of shock, fear, and uncertainty.) So many plans we had to change in the last moment and we all had to dive into the unknown and wait for it to be over. That’s why our brains were fighting it. Like a grounded child that can do nothing about being grounded in their room and have no idea when is it going to be over.

And here we are, clearly, it’s not over yet. But somehow we have adopted a new daily routine. Quarantine is the new ”normal”. Zoom is the new ”work conference/meeting” place and also the new hot “Happy Hour ” spot to hang out with friends. Walking in the neighborhood is the new “going to the gym”. Grocery shopping trips are the new ”going on an adventure”. Masks and gloves are the new addition to ”phone, wallet, keys”. We might not like it but learned to deal with it and at least maybe look on the positive side and get some lessons out of it. Some lessons that we can take back with us when the world goes back to normal.

Here are the ones I got out so far.

Lesson #1

We are all equal in front of the illness.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich, famous, successful, or not. It doesn’t matter where you grew up, what do you own or what do you do. We all are equally endangered by the situation. Your health is one of the most important and valuable things we have. We are all far from family and friends. We are all isolated and we are all alone. TOGETHER.

Lesson #2

7 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Isolation

The importance of cooking your own food.

A lot of people rely on take-out, fast food, and rarely have time to cook. Now we have all the time in the world! Of course, supporting your favorite local restaurant from time to time is great. But being able to experiment and learn, and enjoy new dishes has been so fun and fulfilling. ( My quarantine new dish is KItchari.Healthy,immune-boosting and so delicious Indian dish that I am obsessed with.)

Lesson #3

We live in the age of information and communication.

And we should be so grateful that we have this HUGE advantage at this time. Being able to work from home. To see your loved ones online. To communicate with your friends as much as you want, whenever you want. WE ARE ALONE, BUT WE ARE MORE TOGETHER THAN EVER. ( I have been talking to my family every day, catching up with so many friends. Feeling way more connected to them than in regular life when everybody is stuck in their own routine.) You have access to so much information – all kinds of books and articles. You can watch all kinds of shows, movies, documentaries. You can learn almost anything you wish online. Or listen to all the music and podcasts you love and find new ones to enjoy. So much we can do and still complaining that we are bored? Now imagine if we didn’t have it.

Lesson #4

Life changes in a split second.

Life changes in a split second. We all know that but only truly realize it when somebody dies or something drastic happens. When life is good, everything can change in a snap of a finger and when it’s bad it can change in a blink of an eye. EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY, jobs, possessions, money, health, life, freedom. So don’t plan too much, or plan but don’t blindly rely on those plans. Be open to changes and know you will adjust. Take every moment and situation for what it is and enjoy it or learn from it.

Hopefully, when we get out of the lockdown we all would stop postponing. All the things we want to do someday. All the trips we want to take, all the people we want to see and be around. Reevaluate the importance of things in life and remember it more often after.

Lesson #5

Learn to be okay in your own company.

Introverts are doing so well in those times. This is how we recharge and quarantine life is exactly our cup of tea. It comes naturally for us and we are in our field. We love our own company and are never bored of being alone. We always find something to do or entertain ourselves with. For the first time not feeling guilty for staying at home or canceling plans. 🙂 (Sometimes I can’t even catch up on all the things I plan on doing at home.)

For extroverts, on the other hand, this could be a very difficult time. Stressful,lonely,empty. Even though you recharge from being around a lot of people, learning to be in your own company is important for times like that. THE ONLY ONE THAT STAYS WITH YOU EVERYWHERE THROUGH YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS YOURSELF. Learn to be okay with it. Of course, communicating with friends helps, but don’t fear being alone. Find hobbies, catch up on a show, talk to friends online. Journal if there is nobody to talk to.

Lesson #6

You can adjust to anything in life.

No matter what’s happening, if you are a person seeking change more often or one that fears change – YOU CAN ADJUST TO ANYTHING! People have adjusted in wars, natural disasters, and all kinds of wanted and unwanted changes. Generations have adjusted to new technology. People have adjusted to life in foreign countries and new languages. Abused people have adjusted to the abuse. (That’s not good, never adjust to abuse, get out of it before you adjust to it!!!) Prisoners have adjusted to prison. Human beings are born to adjust and adapt to situations no matter how hard it is.

The same way and even quicker we adjust to the good things in life – to loving and being loved, to being happy and in harmony with ourselves and others. Having a more comfortable house, a better car, more money, a job that we love.

After more than a month, even if we are not completely happy with the situation we have adjusted our routine to the circumstances.

Lesson #7

We take for granted the ability to see,hug ,and kiss our family and friends.

Girl in Isolation 7 Lessons

I learned that one by immigrating. But still. Of course, not everybody’s love language is affection but we for sure take for granted the ability to see our family and friends in person. Let alone giving them this long, strong, recharging hug. Holding their hands and kissing their cheeks, or even just being close to them physically, closer than 6ft. The thing is that even when life gets back to normal, it will take time until we are comfortable doing so.

I am sure there are a lot of lessons to be learned from living in isolation. Everyone will find their own. Eventually, all of this is going to be over. The same way that the world did overcome wars, recessions, pandemics before. Hopefully, we all would get out of it with a lesson, skill, or enough rest to get us going after.

We live in a busy world, a busy life, busy days, weeks, months, years. And a lot of us don’t have time to rest or don’t believe in rest. The truth is that our bodies and minds were overworked, burned out. Our brain is our battery and sometimes it needs time to recharge or it will go out. And a lot of people were not allowing their battery to recharge. Even if it seemed unwanted, what we got might be once in a lifetime,guilt-free time to let our bodies and minds to rest and recharge so we can get more inspiration and energy for the life after quarantine.