the pursuit of happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness.19 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Are you on a pursuit of happiness? To find what makes you truly happy you need to dig deep into your soul. Here are some questions that would help you.

The Pursuit of Happiness 19 questions to ask yourself

 Happiness and fulfillment are things that the whole world seems to be in a search for since the beginning of time. There are as many different ideas of happiness as there are people in the world. Sometimes things that we expect to make us happy — don’t and things that we have never thought are going to fill our souls with so much joy — do.

The truth is we are the only ones responsible for our own happiness. (here is another secret of happiness)We are the ones that can take action if something doesn’t bring us joy and do more of what does. But first, we need to recognize what’s what. Ask yourself some of the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Just lighting the secret path of your soul to happiness and fulfillment. You can write the answers down on a piece of paper, date it, and review it every once in a while.

The pursuit of happiness

Questions to Happiness:

  1. When was the last time I felt truly happy?
  2. How much do I worry about what other people would think?
  3. _____________ makes me the happiest.
  4. Am I comfortable in my own skin and with my own thoughts?
  5. Do I enjoy my own company?
  6. _____________ overwhelms me.
  7. Am I happy with what I do for a living?
  8. If money wasn’t a thing would I still do it? Or what would I do?
  9. I can be 100% myself, feeling no judgment when I am surrounded by _______?
  10. I feel the pressure of what would they think, I constantly think of how I act or what I say when I am surrounded by ________?
  11. I feel happy, recharged, and inspired when I talk to/spend time with ____?
  12. I feel drained and negative when I talk to/spend time with _______?
  13. ___________ is stopping me from being happy.
  14. What are the things that I really don’t like doing?
  15. What are the things I really love doing?
  16. Am I in a place that allows me to do all the things that I love and bring me joy?
  17. Where is my main focus at the moment?
  18. If tomorrow is my last day, what would I regret not doing more of?
  19. If tomorrow is my last day, what would I be grateful for?

You can use those questions every time you feel unhappy and need a reevaluation of your priorities. Save the dated lists and review them when you are having a hard time. Compare them to see different times of your life and different priorities. Sometimes we forget what our real priorities are and concentrate or worry about things that are not so important. There is a difference between essentials,priorities and things we prioritize for no reason. Check what brings you joy and fulfillment and what does not. Simply do more of what does.

Namastay happy!

Free Printable 19 Questions to ask yourself
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