The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness

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Happiness.We are all looking for it?What’s the secret?

What is happiness?

Happiness. The ultimate treasure we all are looking for. The path to the utopia we dream of. The purpose of life. The secret of living longer. The constant Hide and Seek partner we play with trough our whole life. The result we are seeking in every action we take. The desired outcome of every choice we make. The secret we all are trying to find out. The only thing we usually look for in the outside world and it actually hides deep in the inside one.

What it is not?

Increased income? Material possessions?

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness can bring money. Have you noticed that at the moments you felt happy your workflow goes easier and you are way more inspired? So many times we think we will find happiness in the material possessions we constantly upgrade ourselves with. Or the goals we set for ourselves. “If I buy new clothes/car/computer/phone I will be so happy!!!”; “ If I lose those 10lb I will be happy!”; “ When I make $ X /month I will become happy!”

The thing is that whenever we accomplish those, we get this short spark of fake happiness and immediately start wanting more. We want more. Something different. We start concentrating on the next thing that this time for sure will make us really happy. And so on, and so on, sometimes through your whole life. We always want more and more and it’s a natural human thing.

P.S.: I am definitely not saying here that creating and achieving goals is not good for you! It 100% is! Just don’t rely on those to be the only thing responsible for your happiness.

How can you recognize the real one?

Happiness is not smiling, telling jokes, being cheerful, funny, and friendly all the time. ( Robin Williams and so many other examples.) Happiness is quiet and you know it when it’s there. Or sometimes, unfortunately, you realize it after it’s gone. Happiness is the feeling of harmony and completion between the world around you and the world inside you. When you are in perfect comfort with your thoughts and acts. The moments you are able to be your true, authentic self without fear of judgment. The moments you have been surrounded by people who inspire and love you. Have you ever noticed that in the moments you have felt fulfilled you never even think of any material possessions? You didn’t need anything but this moment to continue.

When was the last time you felt happy?

(here are some more questions you can ask yourself to help you find what happiness is for you)

The secret of happiness.

The secret of happiness

Being happy and fulfilled is an everyday process of hard work. The secret of happiness is hard work. Work to acceptance, harmony, appreciation, gratitude, finding alignment, and balance. Being in comfort with who you truly are and not judging yourself. It’s when your heart, your brain, your thoughts, and actions are in perfect balance. It’s expressing and accepting your authentic self. It’s doing what you love and what recharges you. It’s being surrounded by people who have a positive impact on you and you can be 100% yourself around.

Happiness and positivity are contagious, so are misery and negativity. Choose which one you want to spread.

Namaspread happiness!